Looking back at the military jacket and its transition from war to utility wear, the diverse individualistic interpretations of its styles continue to evolve and adapt into each decade as a staple piece. 

For this project, I interpreted the military jacket according to my definition of strength in alliance with that of my muse, Yoana Jung. Often in society today, strength is defined by the ability to sustain self-confidence and stability in all situations. However, I had reconsidered for awhile on strength that manifests in sensibility to one's own conscience and to that of others around him or her that may or may not share the same environment - the strength that layers one's identity through compassion and vulnerability. 

As I began researching at the starting point about the different types of military jackets, I came across the denim jacket which was ubiquitious throughout different war periods and various regions for sailors and the US navy. The US army had also enforced denim jackets and trousers as fatigue uniforms for World War I and II. It was dubbed as the "working blues." As denim jackets continued to gain more recognition across various labor working fields, civilians fashioned the jacket casually as everyday wear. Its versatility enabled adoption of wear and style by many subcultures and mainstream fashion which allowed the jacket to embody various expressions that of free spirit, rock, edgy, punk, chic, carefree, and/or rebellion. 

With the previous research in mind, I was inspired by my muse, Yoana Jung, who is a Korean actress and artist whom embodies the spirit of expression in her lifestyle and artworks. Rather than try to veil her vulnerability and sensitivity, she celebrates her sensibility to 'feeling' and transcends a mood of reserved  selectivity in relationships and communication. She often draws to her complex INFP personality description configured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, an introspective self-report questionnaire, to best attribute to her behavior and way of thinking. INFP's - Introvert, iNtuition, Feeling, and Perception - are creative expressionists often withdrawn in deep thought who value social justice and authenticity in relationships. Despite their passion, they also value solitude and are selective in their connection and receptivity in detached relationships. Her work and lifestyle have a sensible and soulful ambience which correlates with my values and personal mood. 

As of late, she has been using denim jackets, her personal favorite staple item, as her canvas in a graphic style to visually interpret her conscience and her INFP personality. Her frank and sensitive expressions on her jackets inspired me further more to incorporate those mood elements into this project.

My [sensibility] Yoana jacket, though is based off the silhouette of a basic denim jacket, is designed oversized to portray Yoana's casual yet enveloped attitude through use of space. The high wide collar, inspired by the US Navy's 'dixie cup' hats, offers a space of privacy yet also a chic attitude. To further enhance its versatility, I enlarged the breastpocket and waistpocket sizes which offer both the physical and the feeling of security. Most important of all, the back panel is a patch work of translucent fabrics such as  organza and gauze chambray layered together to illustrate Yoana's complex mind and personality which is both transparent and blurred. The wearer also has the option to pull out a panel of fabric from the inside of the jacket through a zippered opening on the back yoke to hide or reveal the back panel.