Organic Teardrop Light Fixture

Derived from the Fullerene “Bucky Ball,” this teardrop took form as a functional lamp. Although the original idea of the assignment was to create a spherical space derived from the “Bucky Ball,” material limitations and further idea development eventually built up to the flexible structure that has an element of life to it with its organic shape and movement. Despite the simple materials used such as matte film paper and paperclips, those two features unify to create an elegant object in harmony with the fairy lights.

The first step of the project began with straws and metal fasteners to create the skeleton of the ball. And then from there, the second prototype was made with paper through discoveries of the shapes created from the intertwinement of the straws. My professor, Jose DeJesus, also introduced a beautiful project highlighting the hexagons with triangles that was done previously by another artist that resonated with my idea.

Because the design itself was seemed so delicate and organic, I chose my materials – the matte film sheets and paper clips – with the help of my professor. The paper has an element of translucency that added a touch of elegance. I chose the golden paperclips because it seemed like an addition to the soft elegancy I wanted to create.

When the final ball was done, I was a little disappointed that the ball sank without finding a spherical form due to its light material. However, the more I looked at it, the more organic and alive it became. It had an elasticity to it that resembled a jellyfish.

From the beginning of the process, I’ve been wanting to create a functional object that could light up. As soon as I was done creating the basis with the actual materials, I instantly thought of fairy lights.

To experiment with the shapes the ball could make and to celebrate its organic elements, I installed it with fishing wire, hanging it from just one side, and it created a beautiful teardrop shape.

With the creation of my first project, I now aspire to create more objects such as this and make a collection with the similar style and elements of this project.