Inspired by Studio Drift's installation of Shylight in the Rijksmuseum, this project illustrates the fascinating natural mechanism of flowers called Nyctinasty. 

The initial project objective was to create a white t-shirt based on geometric shapes or the letters of my name. Focusing on the organic geometric shapes of the flower lamps of Shylight, the concept was abstracted on to the shirt to imitate the movement of the silk flower as it free falls from the ceiling of the museum corridor. 

The beauty and analogy of the nyctinasty mechanism is extinguishable at the moment of the closure of the flower, as the flower is drawn up back to the ceiling, veiling of its petals as a form of self defense and conservation of resources at night time. To illustrate this process, the transitional component of the garment had been added with a front top layer that can be inversed to the back and drawstringed at the hem to conceal and embrace the back layers representing the flower petals. 

Studio Drift made a compelling parallel between nyctinasty and human relations:

"This principle relates very much to human emotions: most manmade objects and buildings have a static form, while everything natural in this world, including people, are subject to constant metamorphosis and adaptation to their surroundings" (Dezeen magazine, 2015).