Biophilic Design

Biophilic design embodies the psychology of biophilia, peoples innate tendency of attraction toward nature which stimulates the brain for productivity, wellbeing, and alleviation of stress. 
Biophilic design, most prominent in architecture, incorporates both direct and indirect elements of nature to seek the psychological benefits. 

My collection is targeted specifically toward New Yorkers who often forget that nature is, though sparse, still prevalent in the city. There is a website ( that my dearest collaborator Michelleintroduced to me that maps out every single street tree on every street of nyc. You can click on the specific tree in front of your apartment, get all the information on it, and also favorite it! The goal is to raise awareness and interest toward urban ecology and the interdependency of the relationship between New yorkers and nature.

Through the branding aspects such as flyers and hangtags, I wanted to provide the aforementioned information so that the wearers of the collection could have a raised sense of interest and awareness toward their surroundings for both ecological and individual benefits. 

The collection itself embodies biophilic design especially through colors and organic shapes. White heightens the perception of space and medium hues of green bring peace and productivity. 

The hand embroidered leaf motifs on each of the dresses represent the trees of neighborhoods I have resided in so far. The tying motion visually represent the branches that reach out from the trunk of the tree, and symbolically represents the connection of people and nature. The tie is an extended part of the bodice, not a separate pattern, so that when one ties the two extensions together, it shifts the whole bodice, changing the drape and pleats. When the dress is tied, the embroidered leaves, initially in pieces, come together and piece together into one full image.