Based in New York, Tiffany Jung Ah Hwang is a fashion designer who seeks to design with social and sustainable outlooks. She identifies with different cultures and communities that she believes intrinsically inspire her and layer her identity. With her foundational fashion design studies, she aspires to excavate the bones of the ideas that link everyone in a common whole. She believes that onwards she will be able to layer, build, and understand her own design identity which is largely inspired by humanity and its connections.

With a focus on sustainable fashion, she values ethical sourcing of materials and manufacturing processes. She aspires to stay true to sustainable practices in design which encompass recyclable, recycled, or repurposed textiles. In the future, she hopes to collaborate with various artisans to raise the perceived value of craftsmanship and a sense of community.

The most successful aspect of a project is relatability, compassion, or the feeling of
connectiveness in any form. Being able to perceive and understand ‘the other’ is a key element. It
is also personally valuable, as it requires vulnerablility in displaying and sharing a
creative output. But in light of that vulnerability, it enables a space to evoke the empathy that can
layer and build one anothers’ perceptions – and thus the community in a common whole.
Though most of her previous works were more introspective purposeful to build a foundation,
she hopes to now branch out to cultures through ethical sourcing and mindful, critical research
and experience to promote a constructive contribution.

She is currently an assistant designer at Ralph Lauren Layette and has interned at MONSE, Oscar de la Renta and Luisa et la Luna.